Sunday, February 11, 2007

Here a Mullet, There a Mullet, Everywhere a Mullet Mullet...

There is really no reason for a mullet. Especially in New York.
I was innocently jaywalking and freezing my ass off today because I lost my fur earmuffs, when I saw a man with a real live mullet living on his skull. He might as well have been mugging an old lady.
Or pickpocketing.
Or peeing on a parking meter.
There is no greater offense than the mullet. I had to immediately go and look at aggressively chic thin hungry people dripping couture and diamonds on Madison Avenue just to balance out the bad vibes.
I used the word "vibes". How many cool points do I get?
Molly, you're making me all hippie-friendly.
Here's a picture of a mullet. Shield your eyes.

My family used to have magnets shaped like the different varieties of mullet. They were damn funny, and they lived on the fridge, and I wish we still had them.
AWESOME! I found a picture of them on google!

My special favorite is the "Kentucky Waterfall". What's yours? Collect all five! Trade with your friends!
Mullet magnets could be the new Pokemon cards.
P.S. Go to youtube and look for the guys singing the pokemon song. You won't be sorry.

CURRENT ATTIRE- Having a moment of wanton indulgence. Again. Silk robe, pajama pants, crocheted tank top (it sounds fugly. and actually, it is. why do I own it?), slippers, and my pretty new perfume. I can't pronounce the name of it. It's Japanese. It's nice.

SIGHTINGS- scissors might beat paper, rock might beat scissors, but mullet, my friends, beats rock and paper and scissors. Ain't nothing that can top the mullet, so why even try?


molly said...

ahh yes the mullet. the only person who can pull it off (and, granted, this was a pseudo-mullet) was keith richards.

i think if we actually lived in the same town, we'd be very tight. and chill all time to do randomly awesome things

molly said...

Oh, and thanks for the mention!
I'll make you fully hippie friendly yet!

coco said...

i dont think any one can look good with a mullet

the lipstick lady said...

sometimes I wake up with a semi-mullet, it's my god damn hairdresser, he just makes me look like a fool.

Touche19 said...

I had to shield my eyes for a moment when I first saw that beauty of a picture....
I want the magnets!!!!

MOLLY GRAY said...

THAT is a funny look!.
+Molly G.+

molly said...

hahaha WHICH olsens movie? odds are i saw it. i've seen most of them. the worst one was, of course, "new york minute". TERRIBLE. well, they're all terrible, but NYM wasn't even terrible in an entertaining way

yess back to the future has michael j fox.

S. said...

Yeah and my least fav is the "ironic" mullet of hipsters. There is not irony enough in the world to make the mullet good. ever. ever.

L. said...

My boyfriend plays indoor cricket against this team that has a father/son mullet component. It's pretty heinous, Mullet Jr. and Mullet Snr. I don't think it's meant to be ironic, it's more likely that they are white trash.

Also what is the go with girls having mullets. It's just not attractive.

RE:Background. I found a little clip on a site one day, it was copyrighted so I went about photoshopping, enlarging and recolouring. It's probably the best thing I've done in my entire life. (Woah, that's long. Sorry!)

Isabel said...

Wayne World made mullets cool. Only in movies, they say...

molly said...

WOW now I want a leather skirt too! it sounds so delightfully sluttish.

Regina and Renee said...

ur right, anyone who has a mullet might as well be doing some sort of crime!!!!!! i think there should be a law against them, unless someone hot can pull it off, tho i have never seen it done. u sound a lot like me!! this is the first time i have looked at ur blog, and i am so random, and love blurting out things. you sound pretty sweet. lol.
p.s. loved the magnets!!!