Friday, May 4, 2007

Because Blogging Really Is The New Crack...

Correct me if I am right, but didn't I make a big emotional announcement in my last post about how much work I have to do and how I won't be posting at all for three weeks or more and I will miss all my bloggers a lot and you are very dear to me and blah, blah, blah?
And yet here I am again, rambling away?
DAMN YOU, Internet, you scandalous vixen minx, luring me back into your traps! Just when I think I'm out, they pull me back in! Now I know how Michael Corleone felt.
But this isn't REALLY a post, because if I were to actually post, that would mean that I am procrastinating, when I am meant to be BUCKLING DOWN, and PULLING UP MY SOCKS, and FIRMLY HOISTING MYSELF UP BY THE BOOT STRAPS, and all that other painful-sounding stuff you're meant to do before final exams.
So don't think of this as a post, I implore you, readers. Think of it as a...a what? A schmoast? A roast? A toast? A fauxst- fake post? I've got it, a POSTLET. It is a baby post. A Melba Post, if you will. HAHAHAHAHAHA.
Hey, at least I make myself laugh. But really, wouldn't my posts be better if they were topped with melting cheese? Mmm, I do love me some Melba Toast.

I'm actually kind of adamantly anti-Hello Kitty. But I would make an exception for this toaster. Or at least just a baby-pink toaster. It's my dream to someday live in a house with all-pink kitchen appliances, and a gumball machine in the living room. Basically it would be Barbie's Dream House, except I would substitute Ken for Christian Bale and a team of male strippers. Or possibly Christian Bale moonlighting as a male stripper. I would call it Emma's Swingin' Bachelorette Pad. I would probably wear turbans and fluffy slippers like a washed-up diva, and watch the Home Shopping Network while eating bonbons...wait, what was I doing?


1. Talk about toasters, and male strippers, and the Home Shopping Network on your blog.

2. Sit out on your fire escape and listen to the Beatles while eating noodles in peanut sauce and watching the sun set. Note- that picture is not my fire escape (if I tried to photograph my fire escape I would fall off and break my face), but it is a fire escape. Pretty, right?

3. TiVo Saved By The Bell. Oh, God, I'll just admit it now, shall I? And then you can all flee from my blog in horror (except Alex Richards, because she admitted she likes it too. I'M CALLING YOU ON IT, RICHARDS). I LOVE SAVED BY THE BELL. I love it. Now be quiet while I tell you WHY. Screech. Zack Morris. The Max. The gang's "confrontations" by their lockers. Principal Belding. "I'm so excited! I'm so excited! I'm so...scared!" I quote that ALL THE TIME, especially when I hug people, and none of my stupid friends get it because apparently they don't exist on daytime television. WHATEVER. Their loss. God, Tiffani (formerly known as Amber) Thiessen is annoying. NOBODY CARES HOW MANY NAMES YOU RENOUNCE, WE STILL DON'T LIKE YOU. Shut up, Kelly.

4. Read good blogs. I can't possibly list all the hilarious/interesting/fashion-savvy blogs that have been keeping me distracted, but just an example- La Vie Compliquee, Alex Richards, Crazy Eddie, The Boob Lady, Lipstick Lady, Ashcan Rantings, The Apathist, Rebel Fashion, WAT Central, The Vehement Lovely, Countrygirl_Citylife, The Fray, Blue Floppy Hat...oy, there's too many. You know what, just go to my links list and visit every single blog there. They are all awesome and have posts that make much more sense than this one.

5. Shop online for a graduation dress, even though you know you won't order anything because you had the foresight to buy a dress last summer and will realize the night before graduation that your miraculous dress has a) spaghetti stains in some very noticeable spot even though you've NEVER EVEN EATEN SPAGHETTI ON IT, so how did that even HAPPEN???!!!??? b) magically shrunk (or else I've grown. No, it shrunk. That's my story and I'm sticking to it) or c) somehow turned hideously ugly during its months of hibernation at the back of the closet and now renders you in tears just THINKING about wearing it. So you end up hauling ass at midnight to the store at which you work and have a discount, furiously screaming obscenities while you flip through the racks searching for some nice dress that won't make you look like a hooker who is with child.
Not that this sort of thing happens to me a lot.
Which sweet little Betsey Johnson dress should I blow my money on? I mean, assuming that I manage to bypass the aforementioned vicious cycle and actually purchase a dress that I like, on time.
I know they're all semi-boring, but I can't wear the sort of funky, loud, tiny vintage dress I actually want to wear to my graduation. It is a time of reflection, and self-examination, and grandparents.

^This? Picture it with pretty shoes and some funky accessories to make it less prissy. I think it could be cute if I wore it sort of ironically, like "You want me to dress up and be fancy? Fine! I'm wearing RUFFLES! In your face!"

^This? I'm worried I would look like a handkerchief, but I don't know- I kind of like it. Thoughts?

^Or this? I LOVE this dress, but I'm worried it might be too lingerie-chic for graduation.

6. Drink a lot of iced coffee, lie out in the park and attempt to get tan (er, armed with a SPF- 38473847373 bottle of sunblock. Me no likey melanomas. Besides, looking like the deep-fried biscuit that comes with the fried chicken at Mama's House Of Chicken (that is actually a real restaurant, I ate there a long time ago) is not attractive, in my opinion.

^Yes, I'm a Starbucks kind of ho.

7. Read for pleasure. No, don't throw things at me. I'm a really bad reading nerd- right now I'm feasting on Anywhere But Here, Jane Eyre, the first Bridget Jones (for the nineteenth time- that book never gets old) and I'm planning to start Homecoming by Julia Alvarez.
P.S. Did you know that Charlotte Gainsbourg played Jane Eyre in the movie?

8. Four words- Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Bueller...? Bueller...? Bueller...?

9. Incessantly painting your toenails with cheap dollar-store nail polish. By the way, don't mind the blue ink stains on my hands- my stupid pen exploded earlier.

10. Debate whether dresses like this one below
should be bought or burned. On the one hand I love it, but on the other I'm going "Is it really time for a flannel renaissance? Didn't we just bury the nineties?" I think this might be the only cute thing in flannel in existence, besides rugged, well-toned lumberjacks of course.

Anyway, now I'm off to try and (insert your own gasps of shock and horror) ACTUALLY STUDY FOR PHYSICS. Does anyone care about the periodic table of the elements, REALLY? I mean, do you think my future career, whatever it may be, will entail me having to know the atomic number of unununium? Or even what unununium is?

TV CORNER- Bye-bye, Britt Of The Mysterious Surprise Amnesia. I would be sadder if you were likable or attractive or interesting in any way whatsoever. Nata? Dionne? Renee (who is growing on me)? Jas-Queen? I'm torn, y'all.
But male models! Yum! Oh, and I must admit, Renee pulling out those photos of her son to get that job was shameless and I loved it. If you're going to do back-handed, evil things, that's the way to do them.
Did anybody watch the SUPER-SPECIAL TWO-HOUR PLEASE WATCH OUR SHOW episode of Grey's? I meant to, because it had Taye Diggs, but I went out instead. Should I start watching Grey's 2.0? Ooh, I so envy all those friends across the pond (Lipstick Lady, Maya, etc.) who are only on season 2 of Grey's and still have good Grey's times coming to them.

SIGHTINGS- There was an annoyingly whippet-thin, six-foot-tall salesgirl in Tani whose outfit I completely coveted. It was a white lacy top, navy blue knee-length vintage-looking skirt, five-inch Perspex stilettos (I wish I could do the heels thing, but it just hurts my feet too badly). It all worked a lot better than it sounds. Oh, and hello, Boy In Starbucks Wearing Heart-Shaped Glasses And A Beatles Tee That Matched My Own! I do think I love you! I don't know why the heart-shaped glasses, but they made me smile. Oh, and this woman on the street was wearing very sparkly fairy-princess Repetto ballet flats that I loved. Unfortunately, she wore them with a charcoal-gray business suit that basically made her look as mannish as the day is long. And it just looked BAD. BAD. BAD. Oh, and OH MY GOD, you guys, does anyone know where Chandra Wilson lives? Because I'm ALMOST positive I saw her at the gym. But I do that a lot- I think I see celebrities and it turns out to be some random nonfamous person. I mean, I saw her getting on the elliptical thing and I wanted to run up and go "Ohmygod ohmygod Bailey I love you Bailey I'm sorry your show sucks now Bailey I wish you had your own show Bailey and maybe McSteamy could guest star on it and not have any lines and just stand there shirtless in silence while you yell at people Bailey." She is the only thing about Grey's Anatomy that is good anymore. But it would have been really embarassing if the woman hadn't been Chandra Wilson. Okay, in my mind it was Chandra Wilson.

CURRENT ATTIRE- My pretty new cranberry-colored ballet flats, dark denim knee-length shorts, a vintage Pucci-esque silky scarf in my hair, and a very ripped-up white oxford (I replaced the plain buttons with onyx beads) over a teal lacy camisole.

Is this a good yearbook quote? "Time you enjoyed wasting was not wasted- John Lennon".
If it isn't, I'm kind of buggered, because I already submitted it.
Ciao, Roma


Fashionistakay said...

I have wanted a hello kitty toaster for so long! This only increases the agony yet suprisingly satisfies it.
p.s.YOU CAN SO link me!

mary said...

yay! you're back! i'm glad.
just so you know, i have a red/black flannel shirtthing which is actually really cute, so you can add ME (mary) to the list.
i think im going to post about it, actually, since i altered it myself and all that.
&the boy you described with the heartglasses sounds very cute, you shouldve got with him. or got married or something.

Fashionista said...

I love that toaster..!

About the dress for graduation, I like the middle one best, it's weird but it somehow works aswell...

Nice blog!

The Boob Lady said...

"I'm so excited! I'm so excited! I'm so...scared!" I QUOTE THAT TOO!!!!!!!!!! I love you.

Anonymous said...

"besides rugged, well-toned lumberjacks of course."
ahh, and so the student has surpassed the master.
well done grasshopper.

ignore the insantiy. my mind turned to mush when I saw how delectable that hello-kitty toast looked. who comes up with that shizzz?!?! They win at life.

oh, and YAYAYAYAYAY x 3 for a new post :]

Fashionistakay said...

You should know I'm having to hold myself back when it comes to giving book suggestions.(I'm practically always swept away with like a bunch of books). All I can say is that Jane Eyre is definitely classic...she presents a whole other woman. And she's extraordinary even though she believes that her looks would beg to differ.My fav.part: (I won't give any details as to not ruin the book for you), The big event of phenomena occurs literally calling to Jane.Thats all I can say. Enjoy the book.

-ciao bella- said...

haha- what a fabulous post! as always of course. i don't know why but that hello kitty toaster just makes me laugh for some reason- it's probably because the toast sticking out of it actually has little icons of cats toasted into it. i mean this may be a really stupid question but does it actually do that because if it does that would be so entertaining. and as for the betsey johnson dresses- they're all so pretty but my favorite would have to be the last one because i think that it's really classy and elegant- but i do totally see what you mean about pairing that first dress with cool looking accessories to make it less prissy and you could totally pull it off. hmmm and as for that last flannel dress- i don't think i'm a big fan of it for myself but i think that it would look really cute paired with dark hose and black heels or something... haha sorry such a long comment!

p.s. i am a starbucks ho too- i'm absolutely addicted to their iced lattes all year round

Dilemma said...

Bah, if anyone TRIES to throw you in fashion purgatory for hating CKL, I will personally have to go and pummel them-plain and simple. Technically, I should be in fashoin purgatory for hating Sienna Miller. So I guess if you go, I go[...or does that sound kind of...weird?]. I love reading for pleasure! So many of my fellow classmates/peers are all like 'l0l reeding is 4 luusers'. Slight exaggeration, but not by much.
And I like Nylon too, it just doesn't live up to the hype that people made about it;I think my saying, 'you always mock the ones you love' applies here.

alexgirl said...

Aaaahh! New blog entry already! I mean bloglet.I mean postlet... Whatever. It must be Christmas!

Saved By The Bell=brilliant, as we've already discussed. And speaking of celeb sightings at the gym: once I saw HAYLEY MILLS at the gym. Eat THAT! (she was "miss bliss" on SBTB before it was SBTB, if your TiVo reruns go that far back). And I'm pleased to see so many people remember "I'm so excited, I'm so excited, I'm so scared." I'm thinking: Neighborhoodies T-shirt?

Hello Kitty: embarrassingly, I have to admit to owning the Hello Kitty waffle maker--waffles shaped like KITTENS! Genius.

Dress: i like the ruffly BJ dress, personally. You could go to graduation and then frolick in a meadow somewhere, singing The Hills Are Alive and then go milk a goat or something. It'd be perfect.

And thanks for including me in the blog reading list--you're too kind!

ps-Mischa as the poor man's Ellen Pompeo=genius.

dusk&summer said...

saved by the bell is the ultimate lol and Im thinking I really like that purple dress.

Alison said...

that toaster is so cute! almost TOO cute...
( I too am a starbucks ho, what can i say.. those cinnamon dolce latte's are like crack!)

the lipstick lady said...

you have no idea how much that made me laugh. it was so painful just to read about your bachelor pad... mainly because I've got these JESUS MOTHERF***ING PAINFUL SON OF A B**** ANTIBIOTICS PUMPING AROUND MY BODY but also becuase it was hilarious.
um, can I live in your bachelor pad? please?
um, total agreement with mary about heart shaped glasses guy. I mean, if I saw anyone in London wearing that outfit I would have scoffed and then made some comment about how much of a poser he is to someone but because I have the loudest voice in the history of the earth he would turn around and look all scowly but people like that don't hang around starbuckses (starbi? starbucks's's's'sssss? what is the plural?) in London, they hang around all age gigs choking on their own cigarettes and thinking about losing 20 pounds and snogging the horrible greasy looking skinny minny new rave girls who have the NERVE to put glow in the dark face paint on like CocoRosie and pretend like they did it themselves and then start rambling on about Regina Spektor when I FOUND HER. Well, my friend did, and we kept her a secret. FOR LIKE A YEAR. And now she's cool in the UK. Which SUCKS. I'm sure Regina Spektor would have frowned upon any of her fans that are in London. Tut tut...

Right, that was sufficiently weird enough for me to, umm... leave.

p.s that whole all ages concert thing didn't actually happen to me but it's just an example of how sellout-y london is which makes me want to gag on my penut butter and honey toast. yes, that's what I have for breakfast

maya said...

ok, you are officially my brain twin. firstly when you comented m and described all the glitter and whatnot in your brain (which is really what its likke by the way)that is exactly how i imagine my brain.
and then all these procrastination tips are exactly what i do. i love saved by the bell with a passion. I rant on my blog and read other peoples blogs. i dont have a fire escape but if i did i would definately sit on it and eat noodles in peanut sauce.
i love all those dresses.
and i paint my nails with cheap nailvarnish that i find lying around my house (my finger nails are currently bright orange)

Emily Lin said...

Nice post! Oh love that hellp kitty toaster.. it's lovely ,doesn't it? lovely blog and like your writing too.. Keep it up :)) Btw, I've linked you in my list :)

Frapp said...

I remember watching Saved by the Bell...well, no I don't, I was too young at the time to understand it. But I remember watching it in my preteen years when I watched the Disney channel on sick days and they re-ran all the old 80's/90's TV series'.
Wear the last prom dress, nobody else will wear anything like it, they'll all be wearing petticoats, but it's a beautiful dress.
And that tartan dress should definitely be bought, it'd look fantastic with black tights and wedges!
PS: That's a very cool yearbook quote.

Mrs Fashion said...

Hi Emma, Thanks for your comment. I would love to swap links with you. Your blog just has to be the the coolest named blog ever and I love this postlet too! Good luck with the revision...
Mrs F x

PS: The lilac betsey dress rocks. All that cut-out detailling is sort of homespun punk........

alluretone said...

that hello kitty toaster is sweet, even though i'm anti also. "Basically it would be Barbie's Dream House, except I would substitute Ken for Christian Bale and a team of male strippers. Or possibly Christian Bale moonlighting as a male stripper." hahaaa,except i would replace bale with aaron eckhart, because i have this insanely huge crush on him. ferris bueller and starbucks is sweet, love the third dress and you're blog is pretty lovable too.

Jessica & Zoë said...

There's a toaster similar to that one at Urban Outfitters, it's called the Pop Art toaster or something like that. But it doesn't really matter to me, because the cute image would soon disappear because I'll have slathered nutella all over the poor slice of toast.

I linked you ♥

Jessica & Zoë said...

I actually like the ruffle dress. In an ironic way. I wouldn't think I'd like something like that. I surprise myself every day... Mm, and Ferris Bueller is my hero. No joke.

PS: Sorry to be a bother, but do you think you could switch the link from Zoe and Jessica to SICK? Thanks so much.

Have a nice day

Jessica & Zoë said...

Aahaha a melba post. That actually made me laugh.

Crazy Eddie said...

"DAMN YOU, Internet, you scandalous vixen minx, luring me back into your traps! Just when I think I'm out, they pull me back in! Now I know how Michael Corleone felt..."


So... when is this wedding? Time's ticking yo. Your writing, my writing, it's a marriage made in heaven.

PS. When I saw the Saved by the Bell pic, I immediately thought of Mario Lopez.

Love him.


Meg said...

When I saw your new post, I got really excited, but then my goddamn laptop froze and I started manically clicking anywhere and everywhere, but I had to shutdown and re-start so it took me like 4 minutes to get back here. And I'm so glad I did.
I think you need to wear the lingerie dress. The blue ruffley one makes me think of Harajuku girls (sorry!) while the lingerie one is just tasty...but not in a slutty way...unless you wear it with a suggestive attitude and a serious push-up bra.

Re: You do physics, of course my classes sound more fun :P I'm just a slacker. AND I love the ideas for the buttons, maybe we could both of them, and we could organise simultaneous protests in London and NY with catchy phrases like "Get lost, Kate Moss!" and "Crack is wack!" with pictures of her on them. It could be amazing.

Meg said...

ahhhhhh!!!! I'm in your poll! This is my first poll participation ever. Will it hurt?

Also, you should totally call it The Lunchtime Poll a la Heathers.

Teresa said...

I saw the blue ruffley Betsey Johnson dress on some girl at the prom at my school. She looked like Paris on acid, sorry to say, but maybe it had something to do with the pounds of powder blue eyeshadow she was wearing past her eyebrows.
And I would love to swap links with ya, this blog is grand.

Brian Mandabach said...

Please don't study. keep on blogging. I love you.
And the grey is amazing. get it. wear it.

*** MeMiLy EdD *** said...

i love saved by the bell, and i know what you mean by the internet distracting you from work. I have no will power i always end up blogging when i am ment to be working

coco said...

adore that toaster
has breakfast ever been cuter?

sara said...

OH MY GOSH that was a long post!!!
That hello kitty toaster is freaking amazing, and I think i'd be more of all red appliances.

x sara o

Eliana said...

Wow...for a baby post that was pretty long. I'm sorry I haven't gotten back to you about linking with me, but you probably forgot about it anyway :) Anyways, I'd love to link!

Anonymous said...

omfg! i am totally in love with you! this post was amazing! i have to admit i was super depressed when you said you wouldn't be on for a month, but now i know it wasn't exactly true. and if this is considered a postlet, what is a post? cuz this was still long, but in a good way, b/c i adored every bit of it!

i hate the internet, no, i love it. ok, love/hate relationship. i should have done french, reading about the elections and crap (ok i am informed enough that i know sarkozy one, but w/e), but instead their was eonline, mugglenet, blogs, facebook- and all the lovely prom pics!....

that toaster is great, and i hate hello kitty!

your bacherlorette pad sounds fantastic, but i would substitute bale for franco haha

i love bridget jones, i love how despite how different the books and the movies are they're both great! and omfg, jane eyre, nothing like a quality romance rochester!!!

ferris bueller, i once saw a girl w/ a save ferris shirt, i want it :)

periodic table will be the death of me, despite how pointless it is

and sorry, but i think chandra lives in LA :( but that would be awesome!

molly said...

i cant believe four people voted for me on your poll! okay, one of those people was me, but THREE OTHER PEOPLE! wowwww

im kinda digging the flannel, but not so much as a dress. its one of those things where it could be awesome in the right hands, but could be a disaster

haha we both have lipstick lady comments on our sidebar.

studying for exams? pfft, im with you on ditching that one

molly said...

oh and i take no offense to you hating on my cousin

what sane person wouldn't?


llo kitty toaster~ must have!!!!!!!!!

my empty closet said...

blogging...definently the new crack...every time i do anything the first thing that pops into my head is -...could i post about this??? and usually, the more work i have, the more often i find myself posting...hahah....

Amy C. Martin said...

Love this post... made me laugh!! I loved Saved by the Bell, too!!

Meg said...

Genius? No way Jose, I'm so not...yeah okay, genius works for me! I do love the epic that is Gone With The Wind but why did he leave her? Why?! It's the only reason anyone was watching it in the first place.
You had a custom-made Scarlett barbie?! It is too bad she is no more, you could've shared your delicious cocktail with her seeing as you've probably outgrown the whole invisible tea act.
I must confess I have not seen Borat and I probably never will.
I have seen myself with a Sharpie moustache though *shudders* Oh, it just weren't right.

MOLLY GRAY said...

love the toast, lvoe the beatles, love the movie..!
+molly g.+

Anonymous said...

I am late in the game here, but so much to write about. Thanks for mentioning my blogoworld.

I love the frilly dress, it's so lolita, so kamikaze girls, so baby the stars shine bright.

I also adore the flannel dress, is that marc jacobs? I have one of his flannel skirts and everytime I put it on I start pining for Kurt.

You should take more breaks, this post is total awesomeisity.

WAT said...

Again, you're incessant rambling has made me laugh! AHAHAHAHAAHAHAH! You rock girl!

Love the idea of listening to The Beatles on your fire escape! Sounds kind o'romantic and poetic really! SWEET!

Thanks for the shout out to my blog! AW! I'm touched!

I need a fire escape now and to listen to IN MY LIFE.

Fabi said...

I hated Tiffani from Saved by The Bell, too!! could never stand her argghhh.

and I like the first BJ dress posted, especially because I pictured it with accesories of the type you mentioned.

and yes, please, let us exchange links. I will now religiously be checking on your blog.
and under what name should I link you?

maya said...

ok, i am seriously excited about this wedding!

molly said...

so funny. that chick is excellent
i was just thinking i should reread it.

i dig your yearbook quote! people are gonna look back and think "that girl was ahhhhight" in their newfound southern accents, because they moved to alabama and you became a vintage fashion maven

L. said...

Saved by the Bell is the shit. When I'm feeling crazy I like to sing the theme song and dance a two-step. It's the best night out ever. I literally call people up and say do you want to come to my Saved by the Bell slash Two step party? Sometimes they come.

In relation to your yearbook quote, yeah its fairly awesome. It makes me feel a hell of a lot better about knitting this dress rather than doing my HR assignment.

Lama Drama said...

I want the toaster

Lama Drama said...

sure a link exchange would be great ! my link is

alexgirl said...

I swear I'm not stalking you, but... (don't you just love it when a comment starts with "I swear I'm not stalking you"?) Anyway, I was just reading the Gilmore Girls post on Perks of Being a Wallflower's blog, and you said you don't watch GG. Thank GOD! I have never gotten into that show and I kind of felt like a leper for not liking it. I love being a spazz and having a totally neurotic sense of humor, but those Gilmore's took it a little too far. They gave me a headache with their fast-talkin' and bag full o' crazy.
Anyway, that's all, for now.

jungle dream pagoda said...

1st if I ever need glasses ,I want heart-shaped ones like that guy you sighted,2nd I'm with country/city chicky,the 1st ruffley BJ and 2nd flannely dress are my faves!!!! Grab the BJ whilst you can,I still mourn moving slow on last falls,deer print paint by numbers-ish dress,I haunt e-bay for it!!!!!!

maya said...

seriously, there is nothing i would love to do more than smuggle myself into NY. i'm not kidding.
i just think there might be a slight lagality problem you know:

Baggage handler: Excuse me, what do you think you're doing in a bag?

Me: quick Coral shoot him with your bubblegun and run

Coral shoots.

Baggage handler: are you mentally retarded. did you really think she could shoot me with a bubble gun?


Baggage handler: why are you in bag?

Me: I lost my, umm.... hairstraightner...?

Baggae handler: Your hair's curly

Me: that's cuz I lost my straightner, duh.

Baggage handler: get out

End Scene

So, i think your friend's band may be abit less of a hassle. I hate death cab for cutie too, but I don't even own a a hairstraightner.

stilettoheights said...

wonderful...I too am adamantly anti hello kitty...though I do love Saved by the Bell.

I'm really old enough to know better but I get all excited when I see it.

I'm totally a Jessie.

Moose on the Loose said...

yes I would love to exchange links! that would be awesome! love ya blog.

the lipstick lady said...

there have been times when I've been searching around the web and I just happen to find myself (i.e type in hastily with numerous spelling mistakes your blog url while stuffing my face with minibites (not so mini after all- 80 calories per mini-ness. jeez) and rambling on about something to do with christian bale with the words 'emma' popping up every now and then) on yur blog to see if you've posted anything new, and usually the answer in negative, so I just pretend like you never posted that post that I already wrote, i dunno, 3 comments on already and just continue with my ways, wishing I could comment one more time to make the magic seem even more real, but DAMNIT RIGHT NOW I'M GOING TO. because you have 52 comments, and I'm going to make it a painfully odd number- that's just what I'm like.

I'm thinking.... I should just delete this comment. hmm...

no, let boys be boys. and also let me have my crazy comment fix. (i feel like I cant talk crazy anywhere else because, you know, no offence and all but you're kind of crazy too)

molly said...

A nine-way wedding....droooolworthy. Imagine the wedding NIGHT! Oooooh, a couple aging rockers of my choice? i'm DEFINITELY in. Maybe after we'ere married ill sneak into your brain at night and slowly drain your wit.

my sabbatical is 100% over...i keep resisting the urge to post three times a day..still doing pretty shitty on schoolwork. and if i have to go back to school next year, there will be very LITTLE posting at all so i should get to that.

we are definitely procrastination-through-blogging buddies.

hey if im ever around new york, we should hang out.
itll happen, itll happen.

Gryphon said...

Hello Kitty's making a comeback. Have you seen any of the work of Chiho Aoshima? It's a phantasmagoric take on the Sanrio characters, I love it.

maya said...

i have decided to post more and you should too. i am having emma post withdrawal big time.

alexgirl said...

See, I knew that drunk pug would make somebody laugh! Hah!
Oh, and have i mentioned how psyched i am to be part of the crazy blog-orgy wedding. It'll give me another chance to wear my COMPLETELY freaking awesome wedding dress!

OKay, so how long do you "actually" have to wait for jello pudding to be done. I'm bored.

missx said...

I didn't post for like 3 weeks, but I did a mega post today... I actually kind of enjoyed the break.

What was I going to say?

Oh yeah, Ferris Bueller's Day Off = most amazing movie ever, I worked up the nerve to cut a whole day of school for the first time because of it.

WAT said...

Close to 60 comments Emma darling?!


Bojana said...

Wow, I loveee your blog!

Fashionyou's Molly said...

60 comments? My god girl you are popular..
Hello kitty toaster? Thats a reason to move to the US if there ever was one!

alexgirl said...

Oh, and in response to the hot guys on Gilmore Girls topic: Yeah, Dean (i think) was a super hottie. He's on Supernatural now, but I think i remember you saying you hate that show. It's kind of retarded.
But what about the other guy from GG (Jesse, maybe?). The guy who's now on Heroes (oh, and he was in the new craptastic sequel to ROCKY). Anyway, I can't decide if he's hot or too greasy and pompous.

Sorry, this comment was totally pointless. The nice weather is melting my brain.

The Queen said...

Starbucks and nail polish FTW!

The Queen said...

OMG Alex is talking about Milo word...


He's totally my celebrity crush right now. And he's ITALIAN to boot!


Mash said...

I would like the Hello Kitty toaster too since a long time ...but is it a good quality product ? i mean i have always misfortune so I wouldnt that my flat is on fire ...
i love starbucks too but we didnt have one where i live same thing for topshop...france sucks a lot sometimes !
and for finish I m a big huge fan of Repetto shoes <3

F.M. said...

You're middle name is "sex bomb" too?! Wow - what a coincidence! ;)

Anonymous said...

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