Saturday, November 10, 2007

Let me ask you, the assembled, a burning question (what a weird expression. Do questions burn? A question is not a sexually transmitted disease or a scalding cup of coffee; ergo, how can it burn?).
Do you ever feel like you've been rambling on about something for decades and nobody's been paying the remotest bit of attention?
Sure, at times this happens to all of us- you launch into a "super-funny" and "brilliant" anecdote and realize ten minutes in that everybody around you is not listening, and is in fact wrapped up in their own thoughts while mindlessly nodding at everything you're saying as if you're a mildly interesting episode of E! True Hollywood Story that's really too much of a pain to turn off, so you just leave it on and vaguely absorb a word or two here and there.
But I'm talking about a more specific rant, one you launch into constantly and regularly.
My own personal Perma-Rant is the dicey topic of leggings.
I have stood atop my soapbox and preached endless sermons about the evil that is leggings. I have drawn diagrams, I have given mini-speeches, I have hyperventilated hysterically at the mere sight of a friend's legs shrouded in the evil no avail whatsoever.
Look, I get it, okay? Sometimes you want to wear your cute little H&M dress, but it's a length that would look weird and disproportionate if you wore jeans under it, or you're a little insecure about parading your half-naked legs around town, or you don't want to risk an embarrassing Marilyn-Monroe-gone-wrong subway-grate fandango and show the world your undies when you're getting off the A train. Sometimes, you will need to wear a pair of leggings under a skirt or dress.
The operative word there being "under".
UNDER. Leggings, if you're going to wear them, go UNDER things.
Two SEPARATE entities.
Pants are worn solo. They are loners. They are Lone Rangers. They traverse the desert alone, with only a didgeridoo, a hip flask and a trusty steed for company. They are single and proud.
Do you see where I am going?

Leggings need a COMPANION. They need something over them; some type of skirt, dress, shirtdress, really long sweater (but that last one applies only if you happen to like the whole Brenda-Walsh-goes-to-cardio-funk-class look). Otherwise, you are trotting around town in an extremely unflattering pair of thin pants facsimiles that announce to the world, "HEY WORLD! COME HERE AND LOOK AT THIS CELLULITE! AND PLEASE NOTICE EVERY SINGLE POCKET OF FLESH AND FAT THAT I AM DOING A REALLY BAD JOB OF MASKING!" I don't care how proud you are of your butt. Even the most Thumbelina-esque little Minnie McSkinny can't get away with Leggings On Their Own.
My point is that sometimes you can just rant on and on and on about something and all you get is a slightly sore throat and perhaps a headache from listening to your own voice blathering on for an hour and think, God, has my voice always been that high? I sound like Alvin and the Chipmunks going through pubescence.
But I digress.
In order to help the world at large grasp hold of a few simple fashion concepts that I believe everyone should be aware of, I have created some nifty little rhymes. And, yes, I just used the word "nifty" for the first time since the Crimean War.

1. Girls who wear leggings are cruising for eggings.

2. Formal shorts are like gross fabric warts.
3. I take a firm stance
Against harem pants.

4. When I see Uggs with a skirt
My eyes start to hurt.

5. If you think cankles are neat,
get some ankle boots, tout suite!

6. If it's rompers you crave
You might just be depraved.

7. Bra not providing the boob warmth you need?
By all means, wear a tiny vest; classy, indeed.

8. Extra! Extra! Read All About It!
Jaunty caps died with Marissa Cooper
So unless you're a newsboy from 1913
Kindly flush them down the pooper.

9. By the beard of Zeus, Nabokov, do you see what you've started?
These tiresome shades should be dearly departed.

10. High-waisted overalls are always hits
If you want to punish your lady bits.

Next time you open your Hideous Crap drawer (and, honestly, don't we all have one? Mine includes such couture garments as the "SAVE A ROMAN CAT TODAY" t-shirt with the decal of the big fuzzy kitty on it, the drab green pilly turtleneck that would make Gisele look like Danny Devito, and the mysteriously stained navy yoga pants that will never look either remotely flattering nor completely clean, no matter how many times they are washed) and think "Wow, these shiny leggings definitely need to be worn RIGHT NOW with my newsboy cap and tiny argyle vest", I hope you'll remember one of these mantras, resist the temptation and go put on something wholeheartedly fabulous.

This cat=adorable.
This cat on a T-shirt=creepy and unattractive and smacking slightly of Old-Woman-Who-Lives-Alone-And-Leaves-The-Apartment-Once-
Nobody really wants that, do they?

THE MUSIC, MOVIE, BOOK AND (TODAY) OTHER RANDOMOSITY CORNER- I like the song "I Wanna Take You Out In Your Holiday Sweater" by Pas-Cal. It's just cool. And it makes me think of holiday sweaters, which makes me think of the fact that the holiday season is rapidly approaching, which makes me think of the fact that I have negative money and have to come up with gifts, which makes me perspire, which makes me need to purchase my favorite Secret Asian Pear deodorant (FYI, Asian Pear deodorant is amazing. I have not as such smelled an Asian pear and don't know if it smells different from a regular pear, or, for that matter, if a regular pear even has a smell, but it's still yummy. Much better than Jasmine Orient. Who wants to smell like Jasmine Orient?), which poses a problem, because like I said, I have no money. So that's an annoying little train of thought. But still, the song's good.

I, like so many others before me, refuse to get over The Princess Bride. In fact, I have now seen it...let me just tally up here...yes, officially too many times. Hello! My name is Inigo Montoya! You killed my father! Prepare to die!
Look, I realize that's not funny anymore. But let me have my moments, okay?

You know what's super annoying and insulting to my intelligence?
I was watching Gossip Girl (and, okay, some could argue that my love of this show is slowly draining me of said intelligence, but it is AD.DIC.TIVE) on the CW website and every time a song played, the site quickly told me exactly what it was and who sang it. Not so bad, you say? Maybe even convenient? Yeah, that's what I thought. Until the site also started telling me just what each character was wearing and how much it would cost me to obtain it. If the show had its way, I would have spent $540-plus after watching the first episode.
Nice try, SHOW. I've seen Josie and the Pussycats way too many times to call myself a fully normal human being. I know what you're trying to do.

A good book to read if you're sick of all the pink-jacketed, trite, loser-is-actually-beautiful-but-just-doesn't-see-it-until-the-hottest-guy-in-school-
points-it-out books is Meg Rosoff's How I Live Now. It's got relatable aspects mixed in with an absurd, yet not-at-all-cheesy storyline. I mean, I'm as much of a sucker for chick lit as anyone,
but eventually it just gets ridiculous. It's really refreshing to read a well-written book
about a teenage girl that isn't written entirely in italics and hyperbole and peppered with
self-deprecating comments and anecdotes about super-hotties.
Not that this here blog reads like Tolstoy, but, you know, I'm a teenage girl and there is only a very finite amount of years in which it is societally permissible for me to be a twit. I wouldn't want to waste them on intelligent thought, or anything. How gauche!

The cover's actually very nicely representative of the book- girlie elements mixed in with a much deeper, darker, magical thing.
I recently got in touch with my craftsy, hippie-girl, street-fair-beaded-smock-selling arty chick and endeavored to create earrings from these mini cassettes.
Result- or, as they say in warmer countries, Resultio! (I, taking French, do not know if that is correct Spanish. I hope it is, but I doubt it). Ta-daaa! I think Flower Desert Moon would be really proud (that's what I've named my crafts-fair alter ego). The other one is being fixed, so it's just the one on its owney for now. Still, I'm quite happy with myself, since everything else I've tried to make ends up looking like the aftershock of a glue tsunami. What do you all think?
I also need some bloggerly advice on this pair of shoes. My fabulous godmother snagged them for me at Annie Creamcheese, and they're vintage Marc Jacobs (phwoarrr) with the prettiest pale lilac soles you ever saw. However, shoes cannot be cute by soles alone, as the saying goes. They are much prettier in person, all sparkly-jeweled and fabulous. Still, is the pointed-toe cool or too Wicked Witch of the West? I don't want to start frightening tiny children away from me or cackling "I'll get you, my pretty, and your little dog, too." It's one thing to take fashion inspiration from Dorothy (The Narcist, your comment about your "Naughty Dorothy" shoes was awesome. That's how I've started to think of my sparkly shoes as well! And, FYI, your World Erotic Arts Museum post made me pee with laughter). Do I really want to embrace the witch's style as well? One thing's for sure, I'll take Wicked Witch over Glinda any day. That cheery pink puffball always gave me a cavity.

What'chu smiling at, Glin? YOUR CROWN IS RIDICULOUS.

SIGHTINGS- A girl on the subway in a brown plaid mini-coat, dark brown leggings, Uggs and a pink-and-brown O'Neill backpack inspired my little ditties. JESUS. I am about three seconds away from having an apeshit, cuckoo-bananas rage blackout.
I was also passionately jealous of a girl I saw in the halls wearing a gray dress similar to my beloved Suzabelle one. She wore it with a black turtleneck, tights and shiny black boots, which actually looked pretty great.
A boy I saw outside the Apple store was wearing one of those handmade tote bags you get on some specific website. It said "Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica." I fell a little in love.
And here I thought only girls made those bags!

CURRENT ATTIRE- Actually wearing clothes that aren't made of sweatshirt material for once. Purple tights, black boots, black vintage BCBG dress, darker-purple long-sleeve shirt under dress, indigo waist-cinching belt, black doctor bag. I feel a bit like a particularly moody purple Crayola, but I'm embracing it.

Ciao, bellas.


fashionista said...

leggings= the root of all evil. the rhymes are fantabulous, i especially love number 8..hehe. as for the shoes, i love them, so adorable.

I WANT A BEARS, BEETS, BATTLESTAR GALACTICA TOTE BAG! that was the best episode ever...
"identity theft is not a joke, jim! millions of families suffer every year!"

Blue Floppy Hat said...

Re: the shoes- they're keepers. Seriously. I remember coveting them back in 2004 (they're from that year, I think), and you should definitely keep them- but watch out for scuffs, scuffs are a bit of a pointy-toe issue.
And oh god, leggings. Like all trends, they're catching on here two years late, people are starting to use them as trouser/jean substitutes, and all I would dearly love to do is take to them with a cattle prod.

Romeika said...

I think leggings are fine now and then (here it's getting to cold for it!) but I don't like when girls start wearing it like if it was jeans or normal pants.. Then it gets tiring.

haha and i agree - the nice witch's crown in "Oz" is indeed ridiculous.

Emma said...

Loved your rhymes! I hate leggings too!

Viva Las Divas said...

i love how i live now! its so amazing and weird and beautiful
im so happy you blogged, it made my hangover much more bearable

A said...

those shoes rock mey world. oh god, i was in selfridges the other day and i actually TOUCHED giles deacon clothes. i know that doesn't have much to do with anything but i just thought i'd put it out there...

how's your compiling of the coolest-places-ever-to-be-in-new-york list going? i know mine is going pretty awfully. what i've got now is: guggenheim. yeah.

Maddy said...

"Girls who wear leggings are cruising for eggings."

Somebody's grandma needs to embroider that on a throw pillow.

coco said...

hahahahaah the 10 fashion rules were spot on and so funny
you need to make one up about PINK ugg boots
the grossest thing ever!

Anonymous said...

So Odd that I agree with all of your fashion fauxpas rhymes! Usually there is one I embrace. Actually I am still embracing the pointy shoe trend and sad to admit that I think its totally over, I look like the girl who is not moving on with the next gen in the office. In fact my suede knee boots which I can not give up (soooo comfy and suede!) have pointy toes and a kitten heel! eek! I would totally give someone else the manhattan onceover if they were still wearing them, but I rock them like I am the hottest shit ever and avoid all contact while subwaying my ass to work. You should totally keep your MJ, though, because its only a matter of months or weeks 'til they are all the rage again.

jungle dream pagoda said...

Loving your Seusical to Fugosity!!!
In particular,#9 !!! Nabokov NEVER intended such a trend!
I say pointy toes are Grrrrrr-eat ,with the right garment ofcourse(no spandex leggings,,EVER!)
I must admit to being guilty of leggings,under a mini dress that I used to wear alone(in particular my hacked off vintage Hawaiian dresses). I wear these basically on Summer vacation type destinations for comfort ,and NEVER as an actual fashion statement.

Anonymous said...

your rhymes are hilarious!!
i read How I Live Now also, her other book Just In Case is good too, a bit weird though.

selinaoolala said...


i swear you need your own tv show or something. eeek gossip girl just doesn't sell to me, why are the characters soooo preppy, where's emo dan and shaved head vanessa and extra gorgeous serena in fabulous dresses? :( none existent! argh i have to write this essay from hell but this post will be my excuse at failing once i've read it again. im sure if i show it my lecturer he will understand. ta ta for now

Meg said...

MY genius blog? YOUR genius blog.
My blog is in love with your blog.

Do latex pants count as leggings?
I like the pants/lone ranger analogy (right word? who cares? I throw caution to the wind and live life on ze idge.)
PS. Gossip girl. The hey stripper scene made me laugh. But I was jealous when her and chuck made out in the limo. I sort of love that schmuck.

Anonymous said...

haha love the rhymes, hopefully they will stop all of these horrendous fashion crimes. ok enough crappy rhyming from me, but i just had to try it out

love the shoes btw, i'm all for pointy toe!

your outfit sounds awesome btw

Carolina Lange said...

Great and very funny rhymes!!!
About the shoes, love them!
And the cat is so cute!

indie said...

In 2005 I was wearing leggins basically every day (under things...with cowboy boots...or biker boots for that matter),last year I thought leggins will NEVER go out of style and this year I've been reading leggins-hate or treggins lolling all over the blogosphere.

And also back in the beginnings of 00 I was totally into Gossip Girl books (I read them in Estonian, exotic huh), and now I'm loving the show, well....the NIN joke and the Elliott Smith song...and I can't remember a thing from the books.

-S said...

oh, and please please please do NOT get me started on uggs. is there snow in austrailia? no. so why do people assume you can wear SUEDE in the snow? and then they wonder why they are all messed up. comfortable or not, they look like crap. which, of course reminds me of crocs. but lets not go there.

Anonymous said...

what you can do is write a grant, when you get the money you can rid the world of leggings. kind of like the gun exchange, you can have the ladies bring in their leggings and you promise to exchange them for something more appropriate such dont know...gaucho's? LOL

Belle said...

Love the ryhmes, and I am proud to say that I have never worn leggings alone, or really ever for that matter.

Heather said...

hahahahaaha words to live by!

riz said...

Go off on the legging, please do! Those American Apparel gold things are just asking for trouble. eggings indeed! And I really <3 chick lit. i'm going to be immersed in it once i finish grad school...gossip girl is the sitcom manifestation of this literary genre

KiKi said...

I I see one more person in Uggs and a short hollister skirt I am going to commit murder. Oh gosh I'll going to jail on monday (school is full of those zombies)

up for a link exchange

evie said...


i am seriously going to be in for an egging cos i still love leggings! :D

Sarissa Carlsson said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
pins&needles said...

I've always been saying that about leggings since day one. I'm even hesistant about the leggings worn under stuff. There's something about them that traps you in a time capsule. I've only grown to accept them recently is because they make them now with a nice modern flare. I would be a hypocrit if I didn't accept change.

I've never read that book, but I've heard from other people that it's one of those you really love or really hate. It's suppose to have a strange degree of weirdness around the middle of the book.

BTW, I wish I was half as funny as you are. 10 points for your humor, fashion sense, and your vintage Marc Jacobs. My advice on those shoes is that you must MUST wear them! They are to die for and they're not that witchy. I've purchages pointier shoes (when I realized I had that wicked-witch-of-the-west look I took them back).

Flashy_Shades said...

"SVDW" cracks me up, perhaps because it sounds like the newest, lamest law and order spin-off.

also, i love how leggings are as controversial as a politics!

Letitia said...

I cant believe you call my new blog brilliant and then you post this lol, amazing!


I agree with EVIE, leggings are so my quick-fix to an outfit I cant put together with other elements (ie. pants, blouse, etc) but soooo use when I just want to wear an 'oh-too-short-for-children-to-look at-or-even-get-lost-under' sorry, but that one is going to stick for now

Letitia said...

By the way, why does this say posted on the 3rd??? I could have sworn my desperate behind has been stalking this blog all week and nada...did I miss something?..I went 9 days without noticing the new post...hmmmm

maya said...

if you published a book of all your little rhymes i would buy it for money. I know people like to wear leggings under dresses but istill dont get that. what is wrong with tights? Nothing. they are beautiful and keep people warm all over, even the feet.

The Narcist said...

Jesus you're a poet! It takes a truly talented blogger to educate as well as entertain. Kudos to you! Thanks for the shout out and here's a tip, if you put the word nauguty in front of anything it makes your clothing items that much more cooler.

Cris Lazoru said...

"If it's rompers you crave
You might just be depraved"

That's going on my gravestone


mushroommeadows said...

haha Yes, there is a difference between leggings and pants. :) You've made diagrams on this subject? hahaha That's so funny.

Curiosity.Killer said...

Did some girls wore tights all day long nearby your visual periphery to drive you nuts like this enough to dedicate an entire post on it? I agree with you totally. No one is allowed to wear all the unmentionables.

Except me of course. Me and my pageboy hat is a classic match.

BTW, the vintage Marc Jacobs - I can't stand pointy toes, and even with the God-sent designer like Marc Jacobs... but I think it really depends on what size you wear. If you are so blessed with small feet , you might be able to pull it off (which means I hate you).

molly said...

hahaha you should record a song with some phat beatz behind those sweet rhymes
and then have britney spears record it because she seems to be the main offender on most of those rules
how many times do i have to say your blog is my favorite ever???
i think ill just tattoo it on my inner thigh

Jamie said...

Love the Dr. Seuss Guide to Fugosity! Although I kind of like the newsboy caps. They can be cute in a long as they're not paired with harem pants, or leggings, or Uggs...

Miss Zoe said...

ahhh emma. A girl after my own heart. The thing I hate most about leggings is when you see someone who is NOT of the Kate Moss/ marykateashley olsen type wearing them with a tshirt that SHOULD cover their behind, but instead reveals to the world that their leggings are too small and are stretched to reveal that their underwear is pink, or yellow, or worse, a g string. Disgustor. I just want to shake them by the shoulders while screaming "LEGGINGS ARE NOT PANTS" over and over until they start to cry.

Teresa said...

I am so sick of leggings; I see them all over my school, the girls who wear leggings at my school weigh predominately in the 200+ pounds range. Which is not a pretty sight. Excess flab + cellulite + camel toe + more excess flab = my eyes bleeding. They just aren't very flattering.

Jay said...

Every time I come here I jsut want to fall down at your feet. You are so so wise.

Bojana said...

Haaa!! A new post, finally!!

And an awesome one, like...always?? Pretty much.

You never cease to amaze me. I love your wrting style. It's so funny and just spontaneous....

riz said...

ha ha catfood + bunion cream!

ambika said...

Love the rhymes, love the MJ shoes and honestly think you might be a genius for those earrings.

jasmine said...

You're hilarious. I love this entry.

WAT said...

Gossip Girl advertising its brand name clothes too?!


Secret Agent said...

Hahahaa! You're hilarious. Lone Ranger. I understand and agree with most of your little "disagreements" with the way girls like to parade their bad sense of style.

Skirts and Uggs...yeah...that's trash.

La Principessa said...

I have no thoughts on the pumps or the cats on shirts or whatever else. I'm only commenting to say: you must put your list of rhymes on your college applications. Seriously. The point is to show them that you're unique and intelligent, and not to write one of 10,000 identical "Why my relationship with my Grandma is important" essays. I'm pretty sure that your list would get you in anywhere with a sense of humor (stay away from Princeton).

Fashion Fleur said...

loved the post simply HILARIOUS!!!!

Hayley said...

I have this particular look of horror that appears on my face whenever I see anyone in leggings. It is a plague that must be stopped (preferably by elite squads of specially trained fashion ninjas armed with your most excellent rhymes and emergency tights - really, leggings-girls, why do your feet deserve to be cold?).

A. said...

EMMA! I don't know if I told you, but I am GLAD YOU'RE BACK!!

i'm semi-back. I posted, but it's not exactly revolutionary.

All the cool kids rhyme. No one gave Dr. Seuss his due recognition. I must say, very few things about fashion get me boiling with hate inside, but I DON'T NOT UNDERSTAND UGGS. WHY DO PEOPLE THINK THEY LOOK GOOD??? AND WHY DO THEY THINK THAT SWEATPANTS TUCKED INTO THEM LOOK GOOD????????????????????? WHY????

i am honestly shaking.

I thought I'd ask you your opinion on the office this season. Slightly mediocre?

A. said...

P.S. I often wear my mom's leggings from the 80's, but they're brown, and I wear them to the ankle instead of the "Let's make my legs looks ten inches large in diameter" mid-calve. And I wear them with this one dress that would look weird with tights. I'm not sure why I'm defending myself. But I somehow convince myself that they're cooler than other leggings because they're from the 80's..... Hmmmm...

Gloria said...

ha, the rhymings a dream!

completely agree with you on uggs and leggings...

Isabel said...

I think you might just be the teenage Tolstoy.

*insert clever pun about the length of you posts vs. the length of War and Peace here"

Did you get the minicasette earring idea from Ellegirl? I remember reading that in the DIY section and loving it. Just like I love you.

Mrs. Trout said...

I totally agree about the leggings--that picture you have of the gold leggings going all the way up--omg i thought i was going to puke when I saw those....I'm convinced that people just don't have full-length mirrors in their homes so they have no idea what they look like from the waist down---its HORRIBLE!

Moose on the Loose said...

THANK YOU FOR SAYING THAT ABOUT LEGGINGS! Whenever I tell people that they look stupid, people just look at me like I've got puss coming out of my eyes.

Anyways... Your Marc Jacobs shoes are amazing, I bet they look really cool on.

By the way, what's your favorite Regina Spektor song?

Heather said...

I thought you might like this:

Sage said...

haha love the rhymes UGGs with skirts: ew.. btw thats a Huge post!!! love your blog want to exchange links or smth?

alexgirl said...

damn girl! that was one helluva leggings rant. You've got a lot of conviction.
Great book recommendations. I'll definitely check that one out.
Oh, and I LOVE the princess bride. fantastic.
Happy T-giving!!!!!

High Fashion Girl said...

Haha! You're awesome. I love this post. :D

alluretone said...

the dr. suess's fashion donts should be made into a book. it'd be a huge hit :)

molly said...

emma, emma, emma
we never talk anymore!
youve gotten too big for my britches
youre too popular
yes thats right, that is what has happened.
we were such good blogging buddies but now youve gone and made all these new friends and im a blogging loner
especially now that touche19 has gone
and alanna
and maya doesnt post as much
what happened to the old gang?

solution: be my facebook friend
find me here
im the one whos not a male

molly said...

emma, emma, emma
we never talk anymore!
youve gotten too big for my britches
youre too popular
yes thats right, that is what has happened.
we were such good blogging buddies but now youve gone and made all these new friends and im a blogging loner
especially now that touche19 has gone
and alanna
and maya doesnt post as much
what happened to the old gang?

solution: be my facebook friend
find me here
im the one whos not a male

maya said...

where are you? I mean I know it hasn't been that long in emma terms but it's been ages for me. I'v read this post about 5 times and although I do lurve your posts I can't help wishing that there was another one.
Could you write a book. Just a short one. I know I suggested it before but it probably got lost in your 63 comments (63!). Or your just sitting at home going "wow, that maya just comes up with SUCH good ideas" and you've started compiling it already. Or you're sitting at home going "that maya, what a rediculous suggestion. I have far bigger plans for my life. I'm going to make the first car that runs on comments as I have enough to fuel it for at least 100 years". (I'm not being jealous or rude by the way, my tone of voice is a kind of appreciative, wonderous one).

maya said...

where are you? I mean I know it hasn't been that long in emma terms but it's been ages for me. I'v read this post about 5 times and although I do lurve your posts I can't help wishing that there was another one.
Could you write a book. Just a short one. I know I suggested it before but it probably got lost in your 63 comments (63!). Or your just sitting at home going "wow, that maya just comes up with SUCH good ideas" and you've started compiling it already. Or you're sitting at home going "that maya, what a rediculous suggestion. I have far bigger plans for my life. I'm going to make the first car that runs on comments as I have enough to fuel it for at least 100 years". (I'm not being jealous or rude by the way, my tone of voice is a kind of appreciative, wonderous one).

molly said...

ahh emma, that warms my cold, ice-like heart to know that even though im being deprived of your witty and tres amusant comments that you are at least still reading my blog
all these new blogging kids, you know, theyre cool
but we go wayyyy back to like, a whole year ago
by the way, i second mayas vote for you to write a book
id buy multiple copies and stalk you at your readings
did i say stalk?
i times show up to your readings, but only if its convenient, like nearby or on a slow day of school, like no biggie or anything...

fashionistakay said...

reading your new blog posts is like drinking up a double chocolate chip frappichino from Starbucks.Its more than just satisfying its fantabulous!

Kappa said...

loved the rhymes!

"Extra! Extra! Read All About It!
Jaunty caps died with Marissa Cooper
So unless you're a newsboy from 1913
Kindly flush them down the pooper."

loved it! especially since i was recently forced to wear a hat similar to the one in the post, all the time grimacing.

also, i know someone with that Office tote bag, i glare with envy every time i see it, it's so cute.

Anonymous said...

i'm half glad you don't have a new post up because i know i wouldn't be able to stop myself from reading it all and i really should step away from the computer at this stage. except now i'm considering just re-reading this one. i must turn off the computer i must turn off the computer i must turn off the computer i must turn off the computer i must turn off the computer. no so not happening.

From Lily With Love said...

nice rhymes. I can't rhyme like that. wish i could. sigh.
I'll say I do were leggings at times, but not as pants and not that shiny.

WAT said...

"That cheery pink puffball always gave me a cavity."

It makes me roar as I sit here at work. Glinda was also annoying in the way she spoke! EEK! WHAT GIVES SISTER?!

Herbal Essences, the refreshing purity with which you leave my hair is invigorating.

susan said...

I have two pairs of leggings, a fact which I'm not proud of. But I feel ok about them because I live in China, and girls here wear fishnets as pants. They wear fishnet leggings with shirts that are only slightly longer than normal shirts. I've seen several flashes of... lady bits? Mostly panties, but a few... not panties. Pregnant ladies are even worse, because it's so hot here that they don't care anymore, which I would sympathize with more if I hadn't seen so many crotches.

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