Wednesday, June 6, 2007

So, like the true scintillating femme fatale that I am, I went to...wait for it... the dentist today.
An hour and a half of the dentistry nurse lady who takes sadistic pleasure in my agony doing incredibly painful things to my mouth while asking me, just like she has since I was five years old, what I think I might be when I grow up. I swear one of these days I'm going to turn to her, beam a big smile and say sweetly, "Well, I'm considering getting into the Internet softcore porn business, I hear there's good money in that."
But seriously, who makes small talk with you while there's a DRILL STUCK IN YOUR MOUTH? And then after the whole cleaning-probing scenario, she had the NERVE to ask me, all annoyed-like, what was wrong (I wasn't crying! Shut up. I have no pain threshold. The day I got my ears pierced I tried to bolt, and my best friend had to hold me down). You just spent the last hour STABBING me in the GUMS with a TINY SPEAR, lady, what do YOU think might be wrong? My teeth were incredibly sore from Crest Whitestrips, so when I first sat down I politely asked if I could get a little bit of numbing stuff before she started cleaning them.
She looked at me and said "You'll be fine".
And I know nobody reading this blog really needs to know about my sore and bleeding gums, but, yeah, I overshare when I'm pissed.
On top of all that delight, it's exam week, which is like a personal little vial of hell in itself.
I will refrain from talking about how a)tired, b)hungry and c)overstressed I am, for the sake of you nice people who deign to read this blog. You don't need any extra profanity in your day.
But please know that I am.
AND, I recently found out that THIS exists.

This was in the "Shorts" section of the Urban Outfitters website.
Not "Sleepwear", or "Heinously Ugly Things You Keep In Your House For When You're Running To Get The Mail Because Even Though They're Hideous They're Easy To Put On".
There are a lot of things I could say about adult romper suits, but I believe the proof is in the pudding, or in this case, the model.
Look at her. She's totally bored and mortified. And not in a cool, haute couture, heavy-lidded I'm Best Friends With Cocaine way. In a "Maybe if I slouch enough and hide behind my bangs nobody will notice the camel-toe, oh my God if this picture ever gets back to the kids in Montana I will NEVER LIVE IT DOWN, they think I'm in New York being a cool tall model girl with long bangs who goes to parties, not Tired Girl In Romper Suit On The Urban Outfitters Website. NOBODY MUST EVER KNOW. And also, my crotch itches," way. I mean, who enters a store and thinks, "God, I need to buy something to take my mind off my troubles. EXCELLENT! The new line of ROMPERS is in! I'll take ONE IN EVERY COLOR!"?

Needless to say, the combination of tooth pain, exams and romper suits has left me desperately in need of a pick-me-up. And I know most of the readers of this blog will appreciate it as well, at least if your taste in men is along the same lines as mine...
without further ado, I give you
*Editor's note- results are not guaranteed to be scientific, and are not in any particular order
**If a certain guy is listed with this asterisk *, that doesn't mean I necessarily think the GUY is that hot, but rather the character he played in any particular movie/TV show- for example, Colin Firth is not on the list, but Mr. Darcy of the wet white shirt most definitely IS. I'm not going to list him again since I just explained his main form of appeal (wet.white.shirt. I think freeze-frame was invented for that particular scene), but je love him anyway.

1. Heath Ledger in 10 Things I Hate About You*

In stress-filled times like the one I am currently enduring, I am apt to turn to my DVD of "10 Things I Hate About You" and just sort of watch it and watch it and watch it until I'm reciting Julia Stiles's immortal sonnet-list at the end with her.
In case you can't tell, I'm a dork.
BUT. If you are telling me that you don't kind of fall in love with Heath Ledger in this movie, you are a bad liar. I'm going to quote a very smart English teacher I once had on the subject of guys like this. We were discussing Heathcliff in Wuthering Heights during class and she told us, "I always envy the girls who don't seem to fall in love with Heathcliff when we read this book, because I know those are the girls who are going to have stable marriages with good guys." Deep, eh (yes, "eh". I'm Canadian now, apparently). I once spent an entire four weeks at summer camp besotted with a tattooed boy named Derek because he reminded me of Heath Ledger in this movie. But that's not the point. The point is, Heath Ledger is not one of my man-candy delights in real life- I think he's cute but not THAT CUTE- but in 10 Things he is Australian, and has a really great smile, and...phwoarrr, as Georgia Nicolson would say (Katie from Girl + Style once left me a comment telling me my blog sounded like the Georgia Nicolson books, and except of course for the always-charming "Hey, baby, how you feelin'?" I get from the crusty, gross ogler construction workers near my house- hey, what can I say, I'm a sucker for eloquent prose- it is the greatest compliment I have received to this day. Georgia Nicolson is pretty much my idol). So, yeah. Where was I? Oh, right. Phwoarrr.

2. Adrian Grenier

Dear Adrian Grenier,
I love you. Not in a creepy, stalking, Fatal Attraction, camp-out-outside-your-house, bake-you-cupcakes-with-Emma+Adrian4Ever-written-on-the-top-in-frosting way (although, incidentally, on a totally unrelated subject, what do you like better, rainbow or strawberry sprinkles? Let me know, there's no hurry).
Just in a healthy, normal, love-you-on-Entourage, see-everything-you've-ever-been-in-including-that-awful- movie-where-you-were-neighbors-with-
Sabrina-the-Teenage-Witch way.
I mean, look at you. You have such pretty eyes, Adrian. Do you expect to have those eyes and NOT attract stalkers? You little eye tease, you. Also, I love your hair.
And in that above photo at The Devil Wears Prada premiere (I'm assuming. Not that I was there in camo and binoculars, tracing your every move.), you appear to be holding out your arms for a hug. You big adorable suit-wearing pretty-eyed hugger, you.
So, to sum up- I love you. A normal amount.
Best Wishes, Emma
P.S. I was serious about those sprinkles. I NEED to KNOW, Adrian. I HAVE MY REASONS.
P.P.S. Call me.

3. Christian Bale

Some of you may know that I have a fondness for (obsession with) Christian Bale. Some of you may also know that I mention him in some (all) my posts. APPARENTLY, he has an alleged wife and an alleged daughter. Hmph. I bet they have beards or something.
Scroll up and look at that photograph.
Sweet GOD.
Almighty Jehovah.
Good gravy on a biscuit with a dollop of marmalade jam, that is one GOOD-LOOKING MAN. He's BATMAN, for God's sake. I'm going to refrain from saying the things I really want to say about him, because this is Not That Kind Of Blog.
But...did you know he is literally the ideal man?
Not to be alarming or anything, but he WILL be mine one day. Not that I'm implying...anything. Certainly nothing to do with kidnapping, or secret marriage in the woods miles away from where anyone can ever find us, or anything. I'm just saying- be on your toes, Bearded Wife. When you least expect it...expect it.

4. Gael Garcia Bernal

I'm actually kind of glad I don't know him in person, because guys this hot make me nervous and I would undoubtedly, upon introduction to Mr. Bernal, a)spill something on myself and start shouting expletives in not so much an endearing, charming, girl-in-Love-Actually-who-says-"fuck"-to-Hugh-Grant-and-they-fall-in-love way as a does-she-have-Tourette's way, b) stammer something about nothing while trying to reattach my jaw to my face, or c) start blabbering "IloveyouIloveyouIloveyou who said that? My sister, my daughter, my sister, my daughter!" and slapping my own face. None of those options are very sexy, per se. I mean, you never read womens' magazines with cover captions like "How To Twitch Your Way Into His Heart!" or "Top Ten Sexiest Nonsequiturs To Shout Upon First Introduction To That Special Someone".
But, back to the point. He's very, very, very hot. And whenever I see pictures of him he always looks kind of cool and geeky (but not in that I'm Such A Geek But I Love Myself Anyway, Worship At My Feet way, for which we have the insufferable Adam Brody to thank. I'm sorry, I just do not get his appeal). Ah, the wonders of Gael Garcia Bernal. Remember how hot he looked at the Oscars?

5. Paul Rudd

I know there's a lot of people out there who claim that Paul Rudd is their imaginary boyfriend and nobody else's. To them I say- hush your mouth. I have loved Paul Rudd since I was a wee girl watching Clueless and aspiring to be Cher Horowitz (except with better clothes- sometimes I can't believe the '90s actually happened). Then came The Object Of My Affection, with Jennifer Aniston (remember when she wasn't bland, and had a movie career?). I saw him in Anchorman (which only made me love him more, because that movie has more quotable lines than any other one of its sort), and in The 40-Year-Old Virgin. And I can firmly state that he is, in addition to being hot, a good actor and HYSTERICAL. And I just saw Knocked Up (more on that later), which plunged me even further into my Paul Rudd obsession. Movie ticket- $10. Bucket of buttery popcorn- $3.50. Paul Rudd high on 'shrooms at Cirque Du Soleil- priceless.

So, that's my list, make of it what you will. I was contemplating putting in that puffy-lipped Italian singer kid, Paolo Nutini, but then I thought better of it because I realized who he is. He's That Kid. The one who's really funny and does random stuff like smoke cigars and invent The Price Is Right drinking games, but is actually kind of an asshole and a poseur and knows exactly how cute he is. Or at least, that's kind of how I see him.

TV, MOVIE AND MUSIC CORNER- So, as I said, I saw Knocked Up, and I LOVED it. It's not, like, on my Top Best Movies Ever list, but it's very, very, very funny, and it doesn't bash you over the head with the whole "babies, babies, babies!" thing. It's one of those movies where you leave not only laughing but actually...feeling something, and you're like "How the hell did that happen?" There were so many good lines and moments, favorites were "You weren't chosen for a reason", the whole Cirque Du Soleil 'shrooms thing (seriously, don't eat or drink anything during that scene, you'll be laughing too hard to swallow), and Kristen Wiig as the slyly bitchy Underminer who works with Katherine Hiegl's character- it was subtle, but HIGH-LARIOUS. I totally want to see this again. TV-wise- does anybody else out there love Ab Fab reruns as much as I do? No? No takers? Okay. My mother and aunt instilled a deep love of this show in me. Best line EVER- ''One snap of my fingers and I can raise hemlines so high the whole world's your gynecologist.''
Thoroughly awesome. Also awesome is Catherine Tate as Lauren Cooper. I just discovered these sketches (they're on British TV, I think) and they're awesome. "I ain't bovvered!" is my new catchprase. I don't know if anyone but me finds them funny, but... here's some anyway. Lauren Cooper English Class (with David Tennant),
Lauren Cooper French Class
For some reason it's not letting me load the other 2, but if you like those, Youtube-search "Catherine Tate Field Trip" and "Tony Blair bovvered". They're vair, vair amusant. In the second one, Tony Blair makes an actual cameo!
Seriously, Lauren is my idol. "Suis-je bovvered?" "Have you got Jesus in your heart, miss?" "Are we your flock? Izzit that we are your flock, miss?" "D'you fancy Billie Piper, sir?" "Amest-I bovvered forsooth? Be-eth this the bovvered face thou seest before thee?" Oh, and in case you don't know, David Tennant is Doctor Who. I didn't know until I Wikipediaed it.


SIGHTINGS- I think I saw a drag queen wearing the same top as me.

Obviously this picture of Jenny Lewis doesn't count as a Sighting, as I, shockingly enough, did not attend the CFDA award thing. But I just wanted to stick it in to send a positive message to the community, and that message is- things that would make one person (i.e. Lindsay Lohan) look like a crackhead, can look really cute on another (Jenny Lewis). And I covet those shoes.
Speaking of Lindsay, which brings me to the question of rehab, which brings me to the question of alcoholic beverage consumption which of course leads me to Paris...I saw the Sarah Silverman thing on Youtube, and while I have no problem with Paris getting bitch-slapped, I just didn't think it was all that funny. I much prefer The Sarah Silverman Program. I thought she seemed stilted onstage (perhaps because the MTV Movie Awards are a widely-renowned piece of crap).

CURRENT ATTIRE- Da-Nang silk cargo shorts, fitted pale gray tee, colorful bangles, white wedge-type shoes.



ambika said...

Paul Rudd has been my bf since the Clueless days, too!!! Hands off.

Also, rompers are the ugliest hipster-wear ever. It's a fact. Just look it up in Wikipedia.

jungle dream pagoda said...

1st,My mother had me in rompers at a delicate adolescent moment and I would never have my babies wear them.
2nd,love the list of cute guys(especially Christian bale ,even hot in The Machinest),but may I also offer for your consideration,johnny Depp. Try to remember him in Benny and june or that Gilbert Grape movie. ...and remember although he has gone all arrrgh on us,he will also soon be singin; Sondheim as The Deon Barber of Fleet Street,in Sweeney Todd....and how about an old school nod to Stephen Dorf,just because I'm geeky too.
P.S. Oh yes you are right Diego did have an affair with Fridas sister(among other women),but can you imagine how screwed up that would make you!

emceebard said...

omfg. gael! AND paul rudd!!!

you only guy missing from your list, IMO, is mark ruffalo. mmmmm....ruffalo!

Carolina Lange said...

I also hate going to the dentist, it's allways like you said, terrible!
And about that "Shorts" from Urban Outfitters, what is that?! Who can ever buy that?!
Love your list! Gael Garcia Bernal is gorgeous!
Great post!

Whatever Dee-Dee wants said...

Why do they always try to talk to you at the dentist? I don’t get that! I mean seriously you can’t really answer their questions, maybe they should limit the small talk to yes and no questions. Blink once for yes twice for no. Duh!

CountryGirl_CityLife said...

Dearest Emma -

I will send Adrian over when I am finished watching him while Hans massages his feet (barebummed, of course) and we finish our Price is Right drinking game (classic). He is a bit useless when he is drunk but I think you can make do. I think Sarah had her high point during Jesus is Magic, is has all been not so magical for her sense. Did you see the girl on the cover of WWD a few weeks back in a romper. She was a tall skinny model and the romper made her look hideously fat, kind of like how high waisted jeans are damaging the fashion reps of Jessica, Misha, and Nicole, wait they have no fashion reps. When a model looks fat, though, I am for sure NEVER buying it.



Frasypoo said...

I laughed so much that I actually had tears in my eyes and I havent done that in a looong time.The first bit about that bored looking girl was hilarious!!Also the aprt about your teeth
You have a flair at comedy!

neverland_fairy said...

I adore your blog. Very entertaining.

SandDancer said...

With you on Gael. He's so beautiful although absolutely tiny in real life. I saw him in a play a while ago which my boyfriend insisted on coming with me to watch as he didn't trust me not to jump on stage and molest him.

molly said...

i didnt think that sarah silverman joke was that funny either, people just laughed because they dont like paris hilton

definitely approve of the list...looove paul rudd and heath in 10 things i hate about you (the hairrrrr)

i just started recently reading the georgia nicholson series and they really reminded me of your blog

now my compliment wins because the books reminded me of your blog not vice versa

Maddy said...

You need to keep your HANDS off of my MEN, you WHORE. Christian Bale is mine, and Heath Ledger in 10 Things I Hate About You is ALSO mine.

Iheartfashion said...

Mmmmmmm...Gael Garcia Bernal. Did you see him in that other movie by the guy who did Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind? The name escapes me at the moment. Anyway, he was very geeky/hot and charming.

The Queen said...

Have you ever seen Christian Bale in Newsies?

That movie gave me a false hope that I could have a miniscule chance with him...he was closer to my age and his NY accent was

But then Batman...yeah, I'd die happy with a constant visual of his abs.

Finals, yuck! I passed all of mine with As except for Chem and Algebra II...I got a C and failed those, respectively. XP

Stylefinder said...

Oooh, I am totally obsessed with Christian Bale. And Johnny Depp too, although he's not on your list.

And yes, Gael is gorgeous. Fuckin-eh-rights. (Yes, I'm Canadian. And yes, I do say that on a regular basis).

This post was hilarious. I read it at work and got some weird looks frm my coworkers (who are suspecting that I don't get as much work done as I do slacking).

Bella said...

Nooooo!!!! i just wrote out this really long comment and it got deleted!!! ahhh...curses...anyways summary of long comment, i hate the dentists, heath is adorable...christian bales is so hot...there we go a little shortie comment

pinup_girl said...

Your blog is absolutely DELIGHTFUL. Your writing technique, your sense of humor, everything just makes it SUCH a good read. You must post everyday, no make that TWICE a day! You're fabulous :]

jayne said...

oh you're amazing as always! absolutely hilarious! i would pay you to actually say that to the dental hygenist lady ahahaha!

now that i think about you do remind me of georgia nicholson, love those books, is there a new one out yet? i need to find whether she goes w/ masimo, sexgod, or dave the laugh (personally i'd pick dave, but enough about me...)

hmm you don't have my taste in guys, but they are all really loveable nerds so i'll give you that...

Ba Doozie said...

perhaps your troubles would be solved if you did some crack, put that romper suit on studied for your exam in the dentist chair? that way you could kill 3 anorexic models with one drill. As for those men, I don't see any firemen

SICK. said...

i'm sorry, will i be persecuted for liking that romper? because i do. minus the terry cloth hell and the lavender agony.
well i am adolescent so i might have some sort of childhood innocence or at least immunity of sorts, right?
i absolutely love heath ledger in that movie. love.
but cat pisses me off.
and bianca too.
but whatever.

amamzing blog, as always.

Touche19 said...

christiannnnnnnn kladjfg;kafndjkdngadfg

just wait till my latest post that's going to be released this friday......

alluretone said...

christian bale. yummmmmm.

LADY said...

I am fairly certain I saw a tranny in one of those romper things today....and she was really working it! Maybe only trannies should be allowed to wear them....which of course means we will be seeing Jessica Simpson in one any day now.

And yes my dear...would love to exchange links. Adding you right now. Love how witty you are.

fashionistakay said...

My friend adores Paul Rudd. And I actually really like Christian Bale I saw him in the Prestige... what a great actor!

Blue Floppy Hat said...

I'm not that hot for anyone on the list, but you just about nailed it with Patrick in 10 Things, and Gael GB.
It's very rare to see boys who are beautiful. Like, not just hot (though he's that, too), not pretty, but gorgeous in an OMG-Michelangelo -would-snap-you-up-to-pose- for-him-if-he-were- alive-today way, and he looks like the kind of person who'd go to an anti-war protest (don't ask why that turns me on, but it does. Dissent is SEXY. Plus, he is or was dating Natalie Portman, and a boy who likes a girl with things in her cranium can't not be considered edible by me). Y Tu Mama Tambien was pretty much the sexiest movie I've ever seen, and there are few pleasures in life sweeter than watching him running around in football shorts in The Motorcycle Diaries.
God I'm such a fangirl..

Meg said...

You should head back over cause there's real entry love. I'll leave some wonderfully overlong comments on all the posts I have missed soon. I have to shower now though. I am smelly.

the lipstick lady said...

emma.... how many times am I going to have to tell you this... CHRISTIAN BALE IS MY ONE AND ONLY AND I AM HIS ALLEDGED WIFE AND DAUGHTER.
ew, not the daughter part. How absolutely shite must it be to be his daughter, i'd just sit in my room crying at night because I was in love with my dad.
gael, oh gael. He's 5' 4". do you know what that means? it means I'm a FOOT taller than him. or does it? i'm bad at maths.
I'm FIVE INCHES taller than him. that's practically a foot anyway.
also, georgia nic's (maya and i have slang for her. and her books. angus. big knickers. nunga nungas. etc. we aren't very imaginative as you can tell) is being made into a movie. yup. and there's a casting call this sunday and I'm going to be there, so MAYBE you'll see me in a movie theatre near you.
in my dreams

coco said...

great list of guys
adrian greneir is so cute
and heath ledger was so hot in ten things i hate about you
but strangely im not attracted to him in anything else

Curiosity.Killer said...

Christian Bale as the "perfect man". Hmm, wow.

Good to know.

sarissa said...

FANTASTIC post! i wanna see knocked up but it aint here yet! my list is totally different- although i must say GGB is , and excuse me for this very nickelodeon expression, 'H-O-T-T hot'.
okay, mine is...
1.goran visnjic
2. george clooney
3. david beckham
4. shane west
5. noah wyle

close contenders who were JUST knocked off are OBVIOUSLY jonathan rhys-meyers, and the freakin GORGEOUS guy from mean girls. i havent done all that much research into him. johnny depp used to be up there but i gues something changed. i think it says a lot about me that 4/5 of them are from ER. i sooooo need to get a life!!!! god i love shane west

rompers are freakin grross, and OMG catherine tate okay she doesn't do the show anymore but she does like specialist appearances, and lauren is like my hero (after abby lockhart, HAHA) oh my god, i do that to my teachers just for jokes! but everyone here knows what it is! its SOOOOO much better than Little Britain (check out series 2 of that its awesome) i love all of them, spesh david tennant (yum, mmmm doctor who) and tony blair!!! and obiously the one where they do X fctor and the one where she does science, or the one where she's like 'do u live on a farm' or 'are we ur flock' but yeah omg ALLTIME FAV is the french one! lol okay in spanish we did role play, and we addapted it to spanish, it was awesome haha! lol okay fantastic post, i should really blog again but omg it's been like EXAM CITY OVER HERE i cant tell you! i had 19 exams to sit and i've now done 15.. it feels good. anyway, just thought i'd give you a holler and share my heebie-jeebie-yummy-yummy list with ya! x

*** MeMiLy EdD *** said...

i love Adrian Grenier and Heath Ledger so much

Bergdorf Girl said...

brillant! you crack me up every time.

ps paul rudd is such a cutie.

pps. hooooooowwww do you write such long posts! :) I am envious.


platinum blonde said...

next time, i think you should tell the dental asst. that you are planning to be a stripper (or exotic dancer if you prefer). just make sure the drill isn't anywhere close to your mouth when you say it. also, to make it more should go to the dentist dressed in one of those adult rompers & don't forget the stilettos!!! :) hehe

anyway, thanks for making me laugh! :)

Fashionyou's Molly said...

Heath Ledger?! OMG hands off- HE'S MINE!! :) You cant help but fall in love with him... *sigh*

Oh yeah and my little sister (who is one) wears rompers, and i can imagine they are very hard to get out of when going to the toilet. I honestly cant imagine myself even looking at one. YUCK!!

Oh yes, I HATE THE DENTISTS TOO!! I think there should just be a ban on dentists.

As always, love the blog. Please do keep it up otherwise i will have nothing to read when i get home :)


Tru said...

omg....I love love love 10 Things I hate about you and heath leadger in that movie is gorgeous

Eritia said...

I love Georgia Nicholson, and the sketches you quoted near the end sounded like her. Plus I love your list (esp. Adrien Grenier), although at the top of mine is Orlando forever and always and EVER. Nice post.

Crazy Eddie said...

OMG I don't even know where to begin...

First and foremost, I lurved the pic of Nurse Ratchet. I spit my drink all over the computer screen when I saw it... LMAO!! Sorry your day at the dentist left you curled up into a fetus position...

And as for your list of guys...

NICE indeed. I especially loved the fact that you chose that Garcia Bernal guy. He's soooo effing hot I want to spit.

Paul Rudd is not too shabby either.

Besos para siempre

Mrs Fashion said...

So, from this post we have learnt that
#1 Models have a hard life
#2 People who go into the medical profession have to be sadists
#3 We have a lot in common, namely love of Christian Bale
Mrs F x

blushing apples said...

the dentist? arrrrghhh!

Alison said...

i have only one thing to say to that blue... monstrosity.

heath ledger *drool*

Susana Daily said...

I like Christian Bale very much!
(The Stiletto Effect Girl)

Gryphon said...

1) Nurse Ratchett is my all-time favorite style icon

2) Entourage= SATC for dipshits. Oh wait, Sex and the City is already for dipshits.

3) Benny and Joon is the best movie, especially when they make grilled cheese with an ironing board and I LOVE THE PROCLAIMERS!

Bojana said...

GAEl!! GAEl!!

molly said...

from the day i started reading your blog....your old blog "bubblegum cynic" (see, ive been here forever, im a blogging elder), i knew i was destined to call you a tricky tomato
the only question was when and where?
when i got the prince tickets, i knew the time was right

-S said...

one flew over the cuckoos nest! i had to watch it in english class and died. seriously, it was horrible. and as for your list, i think some are okay, but i think you are missing a few...

fashionista said...

i am SO HAPPY that you linked me! i really am honored. extremely. you are seriously the funniest person i have thank youu!


oh yes...rompers are hideous. absolutely hideous.

A. said...

1) Thank you
2) Exchanging links would be peachy.
3) I just switched again, because i hated the name of my blog. So NOW I'm

ha, thank you!

maya said...

im sorry! i really truly am!
i am going through a stressy time in my life right now and i have complete bloggers block. ideas on what to write a post on would be great...
i agree with all your 5. Gael Garcia Bernal has been a love of mine for about 4 years. I adore him!
by the way, i am serious about post ideas. if you have any to spare that would be gggrrrreat. Yes, i love frosties. and i watch to many adverts...

maya said...

sorry for the double comment but i just realized i missed out the cathrine tate part.
i adore catherine tate. lauren is definately the best, but she has some other good characters too.
do you know the bands busted and mcfly? they are british but if you do i would search on youtube 'red nose day mcfly catherine tate' or something like that and watch the sketch with themn in. oh how i lol-ed

Felice said...


WAT said...

Oh Emma darling, you hardly have any comments! Can I help?

Your taste in men is most interesting and original. AND VERY GOOD! All yer top five are cuties indeed!

-Heath is a hottie indeed, but I much more prefer him with very short cropped military style hair.

-Adrian is adorable, although I find Jeremy Piven from the same show much sexier for some reason.

-Christian has got a hot purty mouth. He talks in such a sexy way.

-Gael as one of yer choices is one of the best ever! YES YES YES! Please tell me you have seen most of his films! He is terrific in every movie I have ever seen him in and so are the films as a whole too! And yes, a sexy sexy Latin man indeed! WOOHOO!

-I wasn't looking at Alicia Silverstone in "Clueless", I was looking at Paul of course.

Meg said...

1. Heath Ledger in 10 TIHAY - I can only repeat the words of Brittany Murphy in Clueless "Break me off a peace of that." (Clueless is applicable to everything).

2. Adrien Grenier - I liked him back in the 90's when he was rolling with MJHart. He has a cute mouth.

3. Christian Bale - I can see why someone would be attracted to him, he does have a sort of sexy, brooding thing going on, but he just freaked me out in American Psycho and I can't see him in that way again. Ever.

4.Gael Garcia Bernal - YES YES YES!!! I would sell my first born to the devil for this man. I saw him in a play in London and the man is just too attractive! I don't care that's he's only 5'4, I'm 5'3 and 3/4 which makes us perfect!

5. Paul Rudd - Adorable to the max. Could anyone dislike this guy? (If anyone does, let me know and I'll send Helmut)

I actually was going to post about this in the near future but I'll just post my list here 'cause you're the only one who reads my blog anymore :P

1. Gael Garcia Bernal - for the aforemntioned reasons.
2. George Clooney - He's sexy. I can't remember a time when George Clooney wasn't sexy. Sure he could be my dad, but guess what? He's not. Yay.
3. Matt Damon - he's a great actor and the whole Team America thing was stupid. He's extremely attractive (such a cute smile).
4. Ralph Fiennes - *giggles* so underrated.
5. Clive Owen - yes please.

It appears I have a thing for older men o_O
And it's true.

A. said...

You are offically one of two blogs in my links list!

You lucky bastard, you.

molly said...

i totally forgot you just did a sexy man list!
i usually do mine in july but i wanted to get it out of the way before i went away


looove the Blogging Elder idea. i think i can definitely work the beard

the lipstick lady said...

hahahaha, well if it makes you feel any better I may (sadly, just may) be going out to new york in some month far, far away like ooctober or something and we can accidentally-bump-into-eachother-and-pretend-to-become-friends-on-the-spot as well. and just fly molly and maya and touche19 out and get crazy eddie to come along and maybe alex richards and whoever else was involved in that crazy marriage and just somehow find a priest to marry us. ooh wow, I might start booking flights for people

L. said...

That is a disgusting romper, you only ever see them down at the beach in Australia. As such, I don't go there. Better to be oblivious to such things.

Also thank you for the great Jenny Lewis photo. I love Jenny so much (obviously). She looks great and so much better most of the 'fashion' people. I think it's because a) she is real and b) you can see her when she turns sideways.

buttonsandstars said...

Oooh, Jenny Lewis looks so lovely in that picture! I only just found your blog and I must say, I'm rather impressed! You have a really witty writing style!

Meg said...

My sister cut a bald patch in my hair when I was 4 and then my mum shaved all my hair off. I spent my 5th birthday bald.

molly said...

if by "refined" you mean "really bizarre and sort of creepy", then yes, my taste in men is quite refined

yesss a fellow chinatown fan! a great great movie.

welll I got a fever and the only prescription is...more posts from emmma!

molly said...

oh yes and my apologies but i had to mention the olsens on my blog today

or dedicate an entire post to them

must say, am loving alanna's idea!

A. said...

Oh yes, I don't think I ever mentioned just how much your blog makes me laugh.


Your blog really makes me laugh.

A. said...

No shame in glee club, I used to be in it until I joined marching band and didn't have time anymore.

Yeah, I definitely think I have you beat on the whole "geek" factor. Heh.

Good luck on your audition, though might I suggest that perhaps "Samson" doesn't show off enough range. It's all kind of in the same octave. Just a suggestion. I love that song sooo much though, I've been looking everywhere for the piano sheet music.

jayne said...

hey! i went to see knocked up! and now i finally understand your paul rudd obsession, he was really hot in that movie! loved the mushrooms, all of the cameos, and the gyno haha!

alexgirl said...

i am catching up on the fantabulous Emma posts that I've missed. I can't believe i missed the HOTTT GUYS POST!! I live for hot guy posts.
What brilliant choices!! Except Adrien Genier. Puke, vomit, blech. He went to my college, I think.
But the rest of them are PERFECT, dreamy choices. I think you know how I feel about Paul Rudd, he will forever be the mopey college boy in Clueless...
And I love Jenny Lewis. She's amazing. I'm sure you've seen Troop Beverly Hills, right? You strike me as the kinda chica who would LOVE that movie (as much as I do!!!).
You're awesome, as per usual.